My mum, is 93, and has had dementia for three years. She’s as independent as can be and is houseproud and takes care of her appearance. She is increasingly unsteady on her feet and now can’t go out to the shops unaccompanied. She has a personal assistant calling four times a day. This arrangement is by Direct Payments and is funded jointly by her and Warrington Borough Council. It is administered by Warrington Disability Partnership. The PA has every other weekend off and other times when she takes leave, which can be up to a week or two. We are looking for another resource to fill in when she’s unavailable, typically three visits a day, two and a half to three hours in total. The rate of pay is around £9.60 per hour. Living nearby is pretty much essential to make it worthwhile from a travel and time angle. She is quite jolly when she has company, not so much when alone. She has regular visits from her two sons, three to four times a week, and stays with them regularly too. She requires no nursing care apart from being given her medication in mornings and evenings. Can anyone help? Warrington WA5

Please contact us and we will pass your details on.