Your profile should be Positive, reflect the way you work, be safe and promote yourself.


Find a photo that really compliments the best of you.  Passport pictures aren’t always the best representation of ourselves.  Find a picture that conveys who you are and is honest.

Biographical data

We collect your data to communicate with you and ensure that the information is credible to an individual person.


Make sure you have all the relevant documentation to share with your potential client, they will need to see original documents cross referenced with identity documents for example, passport or driving licence.

If the client wishes Independent Carers Ltd to verify your documentation we will ask you to send copies of the originals verified by the post office

Your care experience

Think about the relevant experience you have and will want to offer as part of your caring package, if you are unsure or do not have the relevant experience or qualifications for the type of work listed in a particular box, leave it blank.


This is what clients will see first, consider it as your shop window.  Think about your personality, what is important to you and a short summary of your experience.

For example

“I am a professional carer with 10 years’ experience looking after clients in their own homes.  I pride myself on offering a caring and flexible service to my customers.  I am outgoing and enjoy getting to know my clients.  I am dedicated to ensuring my clients get the best service and working together to make life easier.”

Your experience

Describe what you have done in the past, what sort of care have you provided and how have you delivered that care.  Give lots of examples of what you have done to demonstrate your capability.  Highlight your knowledge, skills and attitude.


List your qualifications and be ready to provide certificates to your potential clients.


We have outlined a suggested pattern of work to highlight your availability.  When you discuss the need with your potential clients you may be as flexible as you wish around the hours that you do, just make sure that you and your clients are clear about what you are charging at different times.

Rates/ fees

We recommend that you do not charge less than £12/ hour.  You will need to think about tax, National Insurance and expenses.  To think about how much you will need to charge we have provided an illustration which calculates your income dependent on the different rates per hour

wage illustration


It may be that you are available at different times in the year, if you are available now tick the box, otherwise you might like to let the client know when you will be available, for clarity you might like to explain your availability, for example, ‘available for 3 weeks for 4 hours on weekdays whilst current client is in hospital’

Distance to work

Travel time is crucial to your earning potential, if a client lives some distance away you might like to consider having an agreement with them about your travel time and/or mileage cost.  Don’t forget you can claim mileage against your tax bill.


Your profile will be produced from information provided to us by you. We do not verify or confirm the accuracy of any of the information and we recommend that customers should undertake their own references and vigorous checks of the information provided by you.  This means you will have to present all your documents outlined above to your potential client, keep them safe and ready to present when you need them.  The client may ask us to do this on their behalf and we will contact you as a result.

Please ensure you read our safety guide


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