Care workers should get a better deal.   They work long hours, are paid very little, on zero hour contracts and travel time is not included.

Who are Independent Carers?

Why not go self employed?  Choose who you work with, where you work, how you work and earn a better rate for doing it.   We provide guidance on how to become a self employed care worker and access to potential clients. Contact Us

The lack of money in the care system means there is less to pay care workers.  We’d like to see a direct relationship between carers and those in need of care.  Ultimately we’d like to see registered carers in the same way you get registered childminders.  In the meantime, a different approach is needed and we want to empower valuable care workers to take charge of their working life and get a better deal.

We read with interest the article in the Guardian about the daily life of a Care worker and we hear this story time and again, surely there’s a better way?….

A day in the life of an agency care worker