Working for an Agency
I recently spoke to a friend of mine who is working for an agency.  She loves care work and feels she can make such a positive difference to those needing care.  She is compassionate, competent and dedicated to her clients.
She finds it difficult to refuse a call to a client which highlights one of the problems in care today.  There are not enough people like her who are attracted to work in the sector. Care work is perceived as low value, low paid work.
She works long hours, for example, leaving the house at 7 am, not returning until 9 pm.  She has gaps between some of her clients, but finds she is so far away from home, or somewhere to go. She sits in her car and chats on the phone.  It’s a 14 hour day but she only gets paid for the time she is with a client, so she will get paid about 8 hours on a 14 hour day.
The agency are constantly asking her to do more, she works 6 or even 7 days a week.  She has a young family, but they still badger her to cover when she wants to be at home with the family.  Other care workers will ring in sick or refuse to cover a visit. She knows that the client will suffer if she doesn’t respond and so is pressured into going.
She loves the job and wants to care.
We talked about becoming an independent carer, self-employed and self-sufficient.  She would be able to manage her own clients, her workload,  set her own rates and travelling time.  If a client lives too far away she may choose not to travel or come to an arrangement which includes her travel time.
She now has three clients in near to her home. Between them they have the flexibility to decide how and when it is delivered and who she works with.
The clients have control of their care, they have engaged with her and can communicate with her. They can negotiate and both parties can be flexible.
The value in these relationships is immeasurable. The ability to reward her with a decent living wage and make it cheaper for the client makes sense to us.
Making these matches is what Independent Carers is striving to achieve.
If you would like information and guidance on becoming a self employed carer and sharing your profile on our website, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Talk to us on 01270 667150 or Contact Us Here