Are you looking for a Carer?

It’s hard to find carers with the availability and flexibility to provide consistent care for your loved one.  I have invited care workers to join us so that you can access them directly and work with you to provide a consistent service.

We provide ‘5 steps to finding a self employed carer,’ a checklist and safety guide to all our customers so that you can feel confident to engage with their services.  There is also third party support and co ordinators who can help you with this.

For an admin fee of £20 per year, not only will you recieve the guidance and support mentioned above, you will also be able to direct message the carers on our website before deciding who you would like to care for you.   Register Here

If you need assistance to organise care there are some recommendations here NHS Social Care and Support.

If you are looking for private advice and support we recommend Independent Social Workers for example Sally Smith, I’m worried about mum.

There are also Independent Care Brokers who can assist you, for example Anthony Shelmerdine, Forward Thinking Care

Search below for a Carer in your area.

All practitioners listed in this directory are members of Independent Carers. Independent Carers is not liable for the conduct and/or services rendered by those listed.  Please read our safety guidelines and advice for finding your own carer.


Please read our safety guide, we are keen to ensure that everyone is safe and would urge you to take steps to protect yourself and/or the person you are engaging.  

NOTE: It is your responsibility to decide which carers you engage with as well as to manage the ongoing relationship between you and the individual carer.

We wish you all the very best with your care and hope that you will enjoy the benefits of a direct relationship.

Are you looking to contact a carer for yourself or your loved one? You have come to the right place. Please click on the link below and register with us.

To receive the guidance and support from the team at Independent Carers as well as being able to direct message the carers on our website before deciding who you would like to care for you, you will need to register below.