We set out to find out what it is like to be an Independent Carer, we interviewed a carer in Nantwich, Cheshire and this is what she had to tell us;

What works for you in being an independent carer?

The flexibility of hours,  we can work out mutually acceptable hours/days that work.  I love building up and having a good relationship with them and their family.  I love Keeping them upbeat.

You can work better with people the more you understand and know them, you can have a better understanding of their needs and work with them to provide solutions for those needs.

Why are you self employed as a carer, rather than working through an agency?

I’ve done both,  I prefer to work independently because it means there are less time constraints, if I need to stay longer with my client, I can. I may not need to rush on to the next client.  I can be in charge of my own time, we fit in around each other and it works.

What challenges do you face?

None! I don’t have any challenges or worries….  I worry about them and their needs.

Is there anyone you can talk to if you’re concerned about them?

I’m in touch with relatives but I don’t discuss anything with them that happens while I’m with them, unless I was worried from a medical point of view or if they’re vulnerable, even then I would seek their permission to share relevant information.  I think it’s important to have an agreement about handling information, before you start.

What is the best thing about being an independent carer?

The freedom of being able to look after someone you want to look after, having a great relationship with them and getting paid a reasonable rate for doing it.

How will you access new clients?

Word of mouth, recommendations, free papers but there isn’t really anywhere reliable to get new clients.  Your website would give me a more reliable source of new clients.

What happens if you’re off sick or on holiday?

Where possible I give as much notice as possible and we talk about how they are going to cope.  We discuss it with family and who will step in when needed.  Their daughter will fill the gaps but she works.  Your website would be really handy to access for back up care and cover when needed.

What if they have an appointment or need a hospital stay?

I can take them to appointments, manage my time around their plans and where it involves a stay we can manage that between us and have a conversation about what will need doing before, during and after.  Whilst they are in hospital and I could find back up work from you site in the future.

Do you have any concerns about being a self employed carer?

I want to make sure that everything is in place and I know where to go for information, I think your site will be a useful source of information and a checklist for me to make sure I am doing it right,


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