Meeting with Laura Smith Labour MP for Crewe and Nantwich. October 2018

Laura can see first hand the challenges faced by her constituents in need of care and the frustrations of the families trying to support loved ones.  This is the second time I’ve had the opportunity to share Independent Carers with her and ask for her help in taking the issues to the top of government.

I’d like to see registered carers in the same way we get registered childminders.  I’m sharing my questions to Laura with you in the hope that you will understand our mission and join us in the conversation about social care.  Facebook group self employed care workers

My questions are as follows;

Is there a deliberate strategy for volunteers and the private sector to pick up the shortcomings/failures in social care?

Is there a strategy to create a two-tier healthcare system, where private healthcare sits alongside a public provision? Or is there a strategy to replace the NHS with a private healthcare system funded by insurance companies, rather like they have in the states?

Does government see care as a means to turning a profit or as a cost of looking after the most vulnerable people in society?

Has the government considered the impact of the costs associated with a failing healthcare system and how does that compare with the costs/benefits of providing care for the most vulnerable?

People are turning to their own solutions and are directly engaging individuals to provide care.  Will the government support the ability for individuals providing that care to be regulated and hold their own enhanced DBS.

There is a growing number of self-employed carers. How will the government make it safe for individuals who want to procure care through self-employed carers?

Huge thanks to Laura, as before she is fully supportive of Independent Carers and what we are doing.  Our biggest challenge is to make sure it is as safe as it can be before opening the gates and we are keeping her in touch with what we are doing in readiness to fill the gap in social care provision.

I am seeing and hearing about the need for people to identify a solution to their own care needs in a consistent and accessible manner.  We have some great agencies out there but when people want or need to look elsewhere there is no where for them to find carers.  This is why we have created the platform to bring the two parties together. website


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