Campaign for a Regulatory Body to Administer Carers’ Enhanced Disclosure Barring Services Check (DBS)

Independent Carers care passionately about the standards of care within the care industry. We would like to see registered carers in the same way we have registered childminders.

In recent years, there has been a growing demand for self-employed, professional carers.  At present, all employed carers offering personal care services must carry an enhanced DBS certificate, typically obtained via their employer. The requirement is not in place for private arrangements although, in the interest of ensuring the safety of all parties, a similar practice should be encouraged.

Current legislation requires that applications for an Enhanced DBS are made through either an employing agency, recruitment agency or other recognised body (eg. a Registered Charity).  An individual cannot obtain their own personal enhanced certificate. Furthermore an Enhanced DBS is not transferable and cannot be used by the individual as a demonstration of their propriety, even though many private clients may insist on seeing it.  DBS Checks

It is important to reiterate that self-employed care workers are currently unable to hold their own enhanced DBS certificate which allows them to deliver personal care.

In accordance with these provisions Independent Carers Ltd are therefore unable to apply for, or verify an individual’s enhanced DBS certificate.  It is the absolute responsibility of the engaging client to satisfy themselves that the carer is reliable and trustworthy.

Moving forward however; we are supporting the call for a regulatory body to oversee and administer a public register of professional carers.

We believe all care workers need to be able to apply for and hold their own enhanced DBS certificates so that they can deliver personal care.  The benefits to clients will be many, they will have greater choice, greater reassurances of quality of care and the trust in the care professionals attending to vulnerable persons.

Independent Carers are striving to promote the introduction of an independent professional care association, which care professionals would be encouraged join, become accredited and recognised as offering exemplary standards of professional care.

We are  #onamission to address this so that carers can get the recognition they deserve and care clients have choice and peace of mind that their loved ones are in a safe pair of hands.

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