Our services for Clients in need of care
Level  1
You may register on our site for £20 per year in search of a carer.
All Carers have an enhanced DBS to register on our site.  Unless otherwise stated
When a match is made you will be able to see their profile and given their email and phone number to contact them.  Register here
You will be able to engage with the carer and we provide a 5 step guide on how to look for the right carer.  If you would like assistance in finding the right carer, we are happy to help Contact Us
Level 2
You may register on our site for £20 per year as level  1.
We can check the paperwork, for example, insurance, references and self employed status. We will ask the carer to send us copies of the originals. The cost of this service is £20 Contact Us
Level 3
You may register on our site as level 1 and we will check the paperwork for you as level 2.
We can interview the carer for you and produce a report to help you make the decision about who you engage with. We will do this for you at a cost of £75 per carer. Contact us
The decision to engage will be yours.
in need of care