An example of people in need of your care

Our customer needs visits three times a day.
  • They need a morning visit to prompt taking medication, have breakfast and have a drink.
  • At lunchtime a carer will need to prepare lunch and prompt her to eat and drink.
  • Around 5pm prepare and prompt her to eat. If the carer could take her to appointments or out for an occasional local trip to a park or cafe this would be good.
  • Also transporting her to / from her day centre would be helpful.
 Help with encouraging our client to shower weekly would also be useful. She can wash herself but lacks confidence to do this when alone in the house.
She is currently being looked after by two carers who are working in partnership with her family and we are thrilled that everyone is loving the benefits of the direct communication and relationship.  They are all pulling together to provide her care and we want to replicate this across the country.
Contact Us or call us on 01270 667150 if you’d like a chat about how to become a self employed carer, we’d love to hear from you.
people in need of your care
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