I first wrote this article in 2016, I’m afraid the care crisis is still very much happening but sadly there is little momentum to do anything about it.
The provision of care in the UK is in need of a different approach.  It is time to introduce a direct market for carers and those in need of care.
There is an increasing need for care at home . The population is ageing and there is increased pressure on the health service.  There is a lot of evidence to suggest that the NHS struggles to send patients home because of the lack care available.
My personal experience has demonstrated the difficulties supporting loved ones living 3 hours away. My father in law is cared for by his partner and having huge challenges in obtaining the right level of care at the right time with the right people.
We are not alone. People are often isolated from family and friends and may not have a network of volunteers to help when somebody needs them.  In the past we weren’t so dispersed and so more in touch with our family and friends network.
We are increasingly reliant on agencies to step in and provide care workers to support our nearest and dearest.  The agency model of care can serve us well.  Other models of care may rely on friends and family stepping in or perhaps a ‘friend of a friend’ will provide a private arrangement of care.
I wanted to create a service where the client can access carers directly and self-employed carers can engage with the client
We will provide the conduit for these relationships to happen. We will guide both parties so that the job of care can be carried out in the appropriate way. We provide help and information on the right checks and balances to get the best service.
If you would like to share your need for care, or if you would like to become a self employed carer on our website, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Talk to us on 01270 667150 or Contact Us