Are you a self employed care worker?

Independent carers is a platform which allows you to advertise your services and join a community of like minded people.  We provide support, information and guidance in order for you to do such valuable work on your own terms.

If you are an Independent care worker you can register here to advertise your services to clients in need of your care.

Registration for carers costs £20 per month which allows you to advertise your services on our site, receive guidance on becoming a self-employed carer and maintaining your status as a self-employed care worker.  We have also provided example documents, for example, a care plan, a care agreement, daily diary and risk assessments.

We are keen to promote the safety of both parties, we have put together a safety guide for you.  We ask you to be vigilant and ensure you consider and manage any risks associated with your work.

The ongoing relationship between the person engaging you for care, is yours and their responsibility.

Independent carers will have no involvement in managing the relationship between you, we want to provide you with control of your work and manage your own relationship with the client.  We make our money by charging for our advertising service and working with partners to provide services for you, should you want them.

We cannot guarantee that those in need of care will engage with you, however, we have provided a guide on completing your profile which will guide you to present the best of you to clients.

self employed care worker